Smidgen Of Me

Hi. So I think I will start out by explaining my user name: BubblyEmoGirl89. Bubbly is because when I am with all my friends or with a group of people my personality is normally crazy and just wanting to have a good time. Emo is because no matter what I am writing everything generally turns out to be sad and depressing. Girl… well I hope you understand that one and 89 is because I was born in 1989.
Other things about me… I am going to start my first year of college this August at Winona State University. I am currently undecided but I want to do something with teenagers (I know call me crazy) I basically hope to have a positive influence on some people. God only knows how many negative influences I have had :/. Oh! Speaking of God I have to say that I don’t declare a specific religion. I don’t really like organized religion. But it doesn’t really matter to me. I am open to just about everything and love to hear about other peoples beliefs. So if you care to share with me go right ahead. I won’t judge you or tell you that you are wrong… unless you are killing a bunch of people. I am not ok with that. (I’m kinda sorry if that offended anyone… that is assuming someone actually reads this.) Anyways. In High School I was a big participator in SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) that was basically my passion throughout Jr. High and High School. Basically the only thing I did in Jr. High and High School that could have possibly mattered in some way shape or form. Well I am done rambling. OH! One last thing, if I don’t spell check something you will be able to tell because I have TERRIBLE spelling, and my grammar really sucks too, (kinda sad because I used dream of being an English teacher.)


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