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Ok, so I went to see MAMMA MiA with my mom and feel madly in love. It was the most amazing movie I have seen in a long time, and I know exactly why. It’s the love story! They play it off as it revolves around Sophie, HA! What a lie! It’s about the mom being with the man she loves! I have seen the play 3 times, and the movie 2 times, and I was adicted to the sound track for a long time. So I know it inside out. 🙂 And I just cant stop thinking about it. There were parts that made me so sad I cried! Like when the mom (I wana say her name is Donna) sings “The Winner Takes It All” Ah it was heart renching, and I loved it! I love sad things. I would talk about it more but I dont want to spoil the movie for anyone. GO SEE IT!! ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME!

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