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So The Drama

There is a lot of drama going on in my life right now… well it is more like me dealing with it now. So if you want to read about it go for it, but hang in there with me I am not going to be using names. I could but… meh.


About a week before school got out my boyfriend and I broke up (we say its mutually but I’m not really sure he believes that… its hard to say cuz he agreed to it and he didn’t fight to keep me so I’m just going to go with mutually). We had gotten into a fight because he has heard from my best guy friend’s girlfriend that I had a crush on someone. (The guy I had a crush on was my best guy friend). So it was true but I wasn’t going to act on it or anything becuase I really wanted it to work out with my boyfriend at the time. I had driven to his house a week before we broke up to ask him if everything was ok (this had been rocky since I has freaked out about him not reading a book in our CIS Lit class) and he said that everything was fine. I must say that he was prolly scared that I was going to break up with him (even though I’m pretty sure I said “Don’t freak out, I’m not going to break up with you.”) But that doesn’t really matter anymore. So anyways… we broke up. I was hanging out with my two girl friends when me best guy friends girlfriend started texting me all angry like. She asked me if I wanted her and her boyfriend to break up. I can’t honestly say that I wanted them to work out (I know that it was terrible of me but I was upset that she had told my boyfriend that I had a crush on her boyfriend… even though it was true. My boyfriend couldn’t handle that kinda thing. It was nothing just a crush people get those all the time and get over them. Its part of life.) I didn’t get her text message right away so she texted me like a minute later saying she took my silence as a yes, I wanted them to break up. So I texted her back that I didn’t want them to break up… yada yada yada… but that she will get what shes got coming to her. (I know my past bitchyness was coming out. And I was still hurt that Evan and I had broken up.) So her and her boyfriend started having problems becuase she was the ‘reason’ why my boyfriend and I had broken up. (‘reason’ is becuase… well I can’t completly blame her for it. She is just told my boyfriend and made things… unhappy. lol. I’ll go with that.) So the end of the school year is aprotching and it is the last day for the seniors. And of course… my best guy friend breaks up with his girlfriend. I can’t say that I was surprised but I must say it would have been better if he would have waited until after we were done… like the graduation ceremony and the all night party. But w/e. So of course everyone kinda saw him and me ‘getting together’. People have basically always asked if we were dating so I guess it wasn’t a shocker to people really, but I can’t say people were happy about it. Oh no no no. They were anything but happy. We waited roughly two weeks… more two weeks for me but like a week for his ex-girlfriend. So then I got a bunch of text messages from his ex and all her little friends (ok not all… just two). Lets just say they were nasty messages, and I was being a little smart ass to them… well to her (the ex). I do actually still have all of them becuase I am a weird person who likes to look back and remind myself that people really do hate me. Its just to double check that I don’t get on a high horse and think that everyone in my life will like me. Brings me back to reality that people will always dislike or hate me. Which ever you prefer. The best part about all of this is… My ex-boyfriend totaly and compleatly hates me. He will not speak to me. i can see where he is coming from. My new boyfriend was the guy I was always flirting with and stuff but when I was with Evan I was with Evan not Jon. I like to think that the relationship that I had with my ex ment something but I talked to him the other day and I am pretty sure that he really wishs we never even dated. I think that no matter what people say or do that will always hurt the most. He is one of the sweetest guys ever, and he knows how to treat his girlfriend… its just a I am very abnormal. So I am a hand full. Anyways there is a third girl… my new boyfriends ex… before the last one. lol. So two ex-girlfriends… We shall call them Thing 1 and Thing 2. So Thing 2… very very evil little girl… ok maybe not evil. but… I don’t even know the right words to describe her. I swear she feeds off of hate. and now my ex and Thing 1 and Thing 2 are basically the best of friends. That would be all fine and stuff but Thing 1 and Thing 2 (in my eyes) are feeding off of my ex and making him hate me more, and making him really wish that we never even dated. (My ex and I actually broke up a couple times and got back together before all of this. We had a little over a year alltoghether though.) During our breakups Thing 2 was his go to girl. She set him up with her cousin whom he is now dating(?) I’m pretty sure thats what going on. Cant be possative cuz I am not told things like that… and I am currently blocked from him facebook. (haha) (now I can  ‘laugh’ about that. But I was really upset when it happened). And we have yet to speak since I asked him if he regreted me. But I cant say I blame him I was a pretty terrible girlfriend. I just wish that everything would be ok sooner or later. (Hopefully sooner rather then later) I meen after all we are all dying… some of us a little faster then others. I will take all of it mainly becuase there is no sence fighting the side I can defend best… unless, of course, I play devils advocate. Then I take no prisioners… lol. even though I don’t normally win with that either… oh well

All in all. I can’t wait for college. My mentallity is now “Anywhere but here”

Thank you all for reading through that… I hope you understood it. 🙂
~Until next time~